Nishioka Tsuneo Sensei
Sho Chû Ku
by Pascal Krieger Sensei
written on 10/16/2023

Pascal Krieger Sensei
« SHO Beginning, simplicity, CHÛ Center, heart, KU Depth ».
The calligrapher in me is elated by this principle.
Although I’ve been practicing these three rhythms for decades in Iai, Jô and calligraphy, I hadn’t recognized its true worth…
I worked on this topic for a long time and came to the conclusion that it was a principle fundamental in all arts.
It’s impossible to reach KU without going through SHO, then CHÛ
Tiki Shewan Sensei
Not only it’s the necessary progression, but I realized that I didn’t use the same parts of my body and my mind through these different stages…
Vicente Borondo Sensei
Like in calligraphy (the Kaisho style, print) the SHO phase is very cerebral, precise, slow.
The CHÛ phase comes more from the heart… with a sinuous, fluid movement of great beauty…
Gilles Tache Sensei
Then, for the KU phase, I noticed that my energy came from Hara, from SEIKA TANDEN… that the movement was faster and stronger…
Loris Petris
But for this energy-giving movement, we must have fully memorized the movement (or the Kanji), hence the necessity of the SHO phase…
Then, looking at different arts, I noticed with great pleasure that this principle existed in music, drawing, in all martial arts…
Expressions personnelles
It was a great discovery.